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Green Day’s påhittiga sidoprojekt

Rudy’s Café

Mike Dirnt om hans nyöppnade Rudy’s Café!
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American blir till….. FILM!

‘Universal is in negotiations to pick up the screen rights and has hired Michael Mayer, the director of the stage production, to shoot the movie version…’

Att få American Idiot till film har snackats om länge, men att det nu blir verklighet är… (JAA!) Många har kanske inte sett det som positivt men… Jag hoppas på att det kan återskapa det fantastiska de lyckades med på broadway, så att alla får chansen att uppleva det!!

‘…Dustin Lance Black, the Oscar-winning writer of ”Milk,” is in discussions to write the screenplay. Tom Hanks will serve as a producer, along with the members of the punk rock trio.

A concept album tackling the ideas of love vs. rage, ”American Idiot” follows three characters: the aimless Jesus of Suburbia, punk rock freedom fighter St. Jimmy, and Whatsername. It was released in 2004 and quickly became one of the band’s biggest albums. It also spawned Grammy Awards, as did the Broadway version.

Hanks and business partner Gary Goetzman were producers on the mega-smash ”Mamma Mia!,” the adaptation of the musical based on the ABBA songs. Universal was behind that musical, which got it on the hunt for other musical projects.’




Ett projekt som handlar om att göra en insats för vår miljö, stora som små är välkommna. 28 Maj 2011 är dagen då hela världen samlas och skapar en bättre miljö, för att hedra ”The one and only” Green Day!! Vill du läsa mer om detta projekt –> Greendayacrosstheworld

Notera att de stavade Sverige… Sweeden… (Min odrägliga tråk humor)

Källa: GDA (Logan)

Frustrators intervju

Rock band intervju

Ett utdrag från en artikel från MTV, där bandet bland annat säger att de skulle vara kul att addera äldre låtar till det nya spelet Rock Band:

‘It would be great to see songs from 39/Smooth and Kerplunk,’ frontman Billie Joe Armstrong says of new game’s track list.
When you’ve got a discography that stretches all the way back to 1989, cramming all of it into one video game is sort of tough. That was exactly the problem facing Green Day when they partnered with the publishers of the ”Rock Band” franchise — there was just too much music.

So while the just-released ”Green Day: Rock Band” features 47 tracks spanning the band’s entire career, it opens to their breakout 1994 album, Dookie, which any astute GD fan can tell you was actually their third studio record. But some omissions might prove to be temporary, according to the guys in the band.

”That’s what’s cool about the ‘Rock Band’ thing, is if we want to add more songs, we can do it online, in the future,” drummer Tre Cool explained. ”If we want to do some surprises and stuff, we can always keep adding to it.”

”Yeah, it would be great to see songs that are from, you know, [Green Day’s 1990 debut] 39/Smooth and [’92’s] Kerplunk, to come out on it,” frontman Billie Joe Armstrong added. ”You know, that’s what’s exciting … to visit some of the older songs too.”

But until those older songs are made available, Green Day fans are going to have to make due with the 47 tracks that did make the cut, a list that includes all of Dookie, American Idiot and most of 21st Century Breakdown, not to mention songs from their Insomniac, Nimrod and Warning albums too. And that’s part of the fun for the guys in Green Day: looking back on older tunes, and even rehearing them as ”stems,” remixed for the game by Chris Lord-Alge.

”It’s exciting for me to hear the song ‘She,’ and you know, that was fun to watch and play,” Armstrong smiled. ”And hearing the stems that they had to do with Chris Lord-Alge, who ended up doing all the different mixes for it to bring out the drums and the guitars and bass and vocals. That was really exciting too, for people to see or, to play or to hear again.”


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Nu slår Green Day in på en ny bana! De har nu designat, med billabong, ett par Green Day shorts… Cool

Billabong and Green Day have been working on a Design Coop which will release the new special limited edition, Green Day Mass Hysteria boardshort for 2010.

“We enjoy working on creative projects and this coop has been a lot of fun,” says Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day.

A gray and black color palette of bold plaid with Green Day’s signature logo overlaid fit the image of the band perfectly, tying the rock & roll attitude championed by Green Day and the loose functional fashion of the surf culture.
“We expect the result to be one of the best selling boardshorts of the year in many of the retail outlets where the product was carried” says Rob McCarty, Billabong Men’s Design Director. “Music and surfing are an easy fit.”

While not a Signature Model item specifically endorsed by one of Billabong’s top professional surfers, the boardshort will be prominently worn by team riders from Billabong. And although the promotion of the Green Day boardshort was relatively low key, it will find its way into the store windows of key shops in places like Times Square and Main Street Huntington Beach. It will be in stores everywhere throughout the rest of 2010.

Their first model was extremely well received from retail buyers, and the on-going enthusiasm indicates a strong response from surf shop customers for this season as well.