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Allt annat om Green Day…

Varför Lady Gaga älskar Green Day!

Which album gave you a sense of belonging and allowed you to be yourself when you were a kid?
I always talk about Green Day, because Dookie was the first album that I went to buy on my own. I think because I got bullied in school there was something I really appreciated about punk culture. It allowed me to feel unified with something that was separate from my community at school. Even though I didn’t have a lot of punk friends or I didn’t go to punk shows – because when I was 13, my mother would never have allowed me to leave the house and go downtown to see a punk show – just having the album in my hands and reading the lyrics and listening to the music made me feel like I was a punk, feel like a Green Day fan, feel like I was part of a union that was separate from my situation. That’s really carried through into my music and my dream and my message. But what’s been so great is social media. Unlike when I was a kid, my fans now have a way to get to know each other and be connected through social media so that the culture can grow.

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Eat like a rock star

Zesterdaily fick chansen att intervjua Green Day’s egna turné-kockar, Sean Stone and Steve Jenkins. – Snacka om lyx!

”Imagine how you would eat if you were living the life of a rock star, traveling from city to city, performing for hours before thousands of screaming, out-of-their-minds fans.

For big-name musical groups, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll don’t cut it anymore. Healthy, freshly prepared meals are the order of the day.

To see just how it’s done, I hooked up with Green Day in the fall when they were performing south of Los Angeles at the Irvine Amphitheater.

Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool like to tour. Preferring one-night performances in each city, they are continually on the move. In the last two years, they traveled throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, the United States and Latin America. On show nights, they always eat at the same place, in the tents set up behind the stage, and they always eat food prepared by caterers Sean Stone, who is the head chef, and Steve Jenkins, the chef, from the London catering company, Eat Your Hearts Out, and served to them by runner, Steve Ricalis, a Toronto native.

On show night, a 14-hour day is typical for the catering crew. When they’re moving from town to town, after the concert, instead of heading to a motel, the crew loads into the bus. Before Irvine, the last concert was in Arizona. ”We drove all night and slept on the bus,” Stone said. ”When we arrived at 10 a.m. in Irvine, we went shopping at Whole Foods and H Mart, a Korean-Chinese supermarket. Then we started cooking.”

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Billies son?

Coolt, att han liksom också gör musik?

‘Billie Joe Armstrong’s son follows in father’s footsteps with Emily’s Army

Here’s some news that clocks it at a staggering SST velocity: Only yesterday, it seems, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong was an angry young green-haired man, writing about cute girls he saw — but was too shy to address — in the high school library.

Now, he’s a father who just produced the upcoming debut from Emily’s Army, an Oakland proto-punk quartet that features his own now-teenage son, Joey Armstrong, on drums. The album is due out June 14.

Pretty freaky, right?

Ranging in ages from 15 to 17, the lineup also includes brothers Max and Cole Becker, on bass/vocals and guitar/vocals, respectively, and guitarist Travis Neumann. They took their moniker from the their 5-year-old cousin Emily, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in 1998, and they’ve even set up a fundraising organization for her under the same name.

On May 21, they’ll be playing a cystic fibrosis benefit called Great Stride on the Huntington Beach Pier. Once the “Man, I’m getting old” shock wears off, it’s great to hear yet another young generation flying tthe snot-nosed punk rock banner, in bratty anthems like “F-Word” and “Some Call ’Em Girls.” And believe it or not, Emily’s Army has already been touring up and down the West Coast for two whole years.’

For the charity, check in at and



Du behöver:

– Ett vitt linne (i vårt fall från H&M, 50 kr)
– En svart textil-penna
– En bra kompis! (BEAAAAA!)

Mitt resultat:

Baksida (BJ citat ;)):


Vi har alltså skrivit alla de band vi älskar:

Metro Station
My Chemical Romance
The All-American Rejects
All Time Low
Never Shout Never

Baksida, citat:
It”s funn until someone gets hurt… the it’s hilarious!

Gör det ni oxå ;)

Tyckte att mitt linne platsade här oxå! /Beatrice


Kanske har ni läsare några tips på bra band/artister som vi borde publicera på bloggen?
I så fall vore det ju jättebra ifall ni antingen kommenterade eller mailade in ERA tips.


Dagens Bild

Från 94, gamla goda tider!

Ps. Grattis Gerard Way på födelsedagen! Ds.


Släpps 14 Juni på Adeline Record, producerad av Billie Joe Armstrong.

1 Broadcast This
2 Strictly For The Birds
3 Asslete
4 Rom Drom
5 Little Face
6 Ho-lloween
7 West Coast
8 Statutory Brainrape
9 Burn Apollo
10 The Gutter
11 Regan Macneil
12 I Wanna Be Remembered
13 Bad Cop
14 Loch Lomond
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